State of the game #1 – 07/04 -17

There’s a gif of the latest version at the bottom of this post.

Features at this time:

  1. Spells (WIP)
  2. NPCs (WIP)
  3. Quests (WIP)
  4. Monsters (WIP)
  5. Leveling system (WIP)
  6. Classes (WIP)
  7. Items (WIP)
  8. Shadows (WIP)
  9. Rain (WIP)

1. Spells

Currently there are area and targeted damage spells, and healing spells, with the possibility of using cursor position for area spells as well.

2. NPCs

NPCs have the ability to have dialogues with the player and the option of offering quests during dialogue.

3. Quests

To begin with, I have implemented quests with the objective of killing monsters, quests with objectives such as finding an item or a location are also in the works.

4. Monsters

Monsters have basic pathfinding AI using my implementation of the A* algorithm, which I will replace or improve in the future depending on what I see fit.

They also have the ability to use spells and/or use basic attacks to attack the player.

Walking and spells are animated.

5. Leveling system

The leveling system is really basic at this time, with levels increasing health, mana and other attributes.

6. Classes

Two classes exist today and right now the only differences between the two classes are attribute distribution when leveling up and differing player sprites.

7. Items

Consumable items like health/mana potions are already working, ones that grant temporary bonuses are not (yet).

Wearable items (equipment) is what will most likely be implemented next.

Although as of now, items only exist in the player’s inventory, my intention is for the player to be able to move items to/from the inventory as well, and of course to equip wearable items.

8. Shadows

Basic shadows are implemented just to get a basic understanding of how to implement them properly at a later stage.

9. Rain

As with shadows, this is still a very basic feature, it is not yet automated.

Update gif:


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